Alisha Taibo Coombe is a fantastic attorney. Because of her involvement in my case my wife and I were able to reconcile and are not going to get a divorce. She represented me in a manner that conveyed my true feelings and beliefs. By doing so, my wife never felt threatened or attacked during the process. Ultimately, this allowed for open and honest dialogue that resulted in reconciliation. Thank you Alisha.

Alisha came to courtroom very prepared and went above and beyond my expectations. Well worth my small investment.

Ms. Taibo was fantastic. She successfully helped me resolve custody/child support issues with my ex. Not only was she friendly, supportive, & extremely knowledgeable but she was thorough & answered every one of my questions. She explained the process to me every step of the way & made me feel comfortable & confident going through what is usually a daunting & confusing legal process. I received everything I asked for & I didn’t have to break the bank doing it. I highly recommend her services.

I appreciated the way that Alisha was responsive either by phone, text, or email. Very prompt. I also really appreciated the way she helped me, by reassuring that I would be ok, and the way she took a look at it from all angles. She not only looked at it from my point of view but also from the point of view of what my ex-wife might try to do. So she made me cover myself from all angles, which gave me more reassurance that everything would be ok. Very knowledgeable on all matters.

Alisha has been absolutely wonderful to work with. My case is very high-conflict and frustrating. Alisha gets straight to the point and is extremely thorough. Nothing slips by her and she will fight tooth and nail for what you are entitled to. She has done more for me in these last few months than previous lawyers were ever able to do and I am eternally grateful. If I ever find myself back in court, I will make sure I have Alisha by my side.