Most Colorado courts require parties to a family law case to mediate prior to attending any hearings or trials. The truth is this is a good idea because many disputes can be resolved through mediation without the cost and heartache of going through a stressful trial. And the benefit of settling your case outside of Court is that both parties are more likely to walk away content with the outcome than if a judge decides for you. It’s your family – you should have a say in how this dispute is resolved.

Mediation is a negotiation conference facilitated by a neutral third party, called the Mediator. The Mediator’s job is to help the parties brainstorm solutions and reach a fair resolution. The Mediator cannot offer either party legal advice, but can provide you with insight as to the merits of each party’s position or the likely outcome of a case, which can help the parties set more realistic goals. Mediation is nothing to be afraid of because if you have a contentious relationship or are simply uncomfortable facing the other party, we can complete mediation with you two in separate rooms the entire time.

You never have to face the person and can still attempt to negotiate a settlement through the Mediator. The Mediator cannot make any decisions regarding the outcome of your case, so it is commitment free. If you do not reach a resolution, your case will proceed to trial. You do not have to worry about anything you say being used against you later at trial because the law protects settlement offers from being exposed at trial. The policy behind this law is that parties are more likely to reach a resolution in their case if they both know anything they say cannot be used against them later.

Taibo Coombe Law offers mediation at a competitive price. Because the Mediator is a neutral third party, the attorneys at Taibo Coombe Law cannot represent either party before or after the mediation, so you do not have to worry about conflicts of interest. We will communicate with both parties to schedule mediation at a mutually agreed upon time. Call Taibo Coombe Law today to inquire about mediation for your case.