We’ve all seen the commercials of attorneys bragging to be the Strong Arm of the Law or the Bulldog.  There are YouTube videos of corny commercials the nation over of attorneys practically chanting while wearing their war paint about how they’ll fight to the death for you. Which raises the question, should you be looking for an aggressive attorney?


You should be looking for someone who CAN be aggressive, IF the need arises.  To that point, you should be looking for an attorney who tailors her approach to your unique situation.

Not every case should be approached aggressively.  It may make more strategic sense to approach your case congenially, in order to make the other party look like an unreasonable bully.  Often times, opposing lawyers get along with each other, which tends to increase your chances at settling and thus saving money.

On the other hand, there are times when the other party is being SO unreasonable, an aggressive offense makes the most sense.  It may intimidate the other side into a more reasonable position, or drive up that person’s attorney fees to the point they can’t afford to keep fighting.

Question your attorney’s approach and ensure that it makes the most sense for your set of facts.  You may dislike your ex (to put it mildly) but that doesn’t mean being out for blood will work well for what your goals are.

At the Taibo Law Firm, we discuss our proposed case strategy with you in every step of your case to ensure you are happy with our proposed approach.  It’ your case – you should have a say in the approach.

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