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Marital and Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements or simply "prenups" are contracts between two people about to get married. Sometimes spouses enter into postnuptial agreements, or post-marital agreements after they are married. A marital agreement should benefit both spouses, whether you are the higher or lower income earner, or you and your spouse are on equal footing.

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of a marital agreement is not, nor should it be one-sided, and this is in order to protect both parties. A totally one-sided marital agreement may not even be enforceable when the time comes to enforce it, if it is contrary to public policy or unconscionable (unfair).

A spouse can protect his or her assets, inheritance, trust interest, businesses and investments while still entering into a fair and enforceable marital agreement. Marital agreements are meant to be negotiated. No attorney in her right mind would actually expect you to sign a one-sided marital agreement. They expect you to counteroffer. Both parties should have an attorney review the marital agreement to ensure it protects both parties. Your attorney should explain the laws that are implicated, the legal protections to which you may be waiving, and whether what you're asking the other spouse to waive is enforceable under the marital agreement laws.

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"Alisha Taibo Coombe is literally a lawyer's lawyer. I have practiced as a family lawyer, although it is not my present field of emphasis. I asked Alisha to draft a prenuptial agreement for me. She was prompt in getting it done. She was very thorough in her analysis. She got all the bases covered for me. She made it effortless and she did it right. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to get a prenuptial agreement drafted. I wouldn't use anyone else!"

-Prominent Colorado Attorney

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