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Centennial Colorado Divorce and Family Law

Family law disputes can be complex, stressful and emotionally draining. They are difficult enough without having to resolve matters alone. The stress only becomes worse when families are left to navigate a complex court system by themselves or with attorneys they simply do not trust.

At Taibo Coombe Law, we stand by families facing problems in the Colorado court system so that our clients can achieve the best possible outcomes with the support they need. At our Centennial law firm, every client is provided with effective representation, and every case is handled with respect and kindness.

Separation & Divorce

Guiding clients through the process of dissolution of marriage.

Child Custody

We will help you make fair arrangements for custody of children

Prenuptial Agreements

Helping you through the process of setting up a prenuptial agreement

Other Practice Areas

Helping you with a variety of areas within family law

Affordable, High-Quality Representation In Arapahoe County And Denver

We charge affordable rates because we believe no one should be denied access to the legal system. We can accommodate any budget by offering fair payment options, flat fees for some services and limited-scope representation for those who need an attorney only on a limited basis.

No matter what legal issues are involved in your case, our focus is on giving you the best representation as inexpensively as possible. We keep you updated on every aspect of your case while remaining mindful of your costs. We will explain in detail all fees for our services and will happily discuss any questions you may have. Maybe you already know what you need help with and you are merely lacking legal counsel to advise you on finishing up a case, filling out forms, preparing for court, or strategizing. You may choose to schedule an extended consultation, also called a Legal Strategy Session. In our Legal Strategy Session, you can meet with an attorney for an hour or more, get legal advice, obtain help completing forms or whatever else you may need during that time.

In addition, like the initial consultation, you will learn about our rates and how our attorneys can help you through your case on an ongoing basis if you so choose. A Legal Strategy Session is a way for you to hire us on a limited basis for some quick legal advice without the commitment of a retainer.

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Whether you began your case by yourself, with another lawyer or are just starting a case, we can help you at any point. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you. To set up an initial consultation with a Centennial divorce and family law attorney, please contact us at 303-991-2197 or fill out the contact form to the right.

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We’re never too busy for our clients. When you call us, we make every effort to take your call or to return your message as soon as possible, even if it’s outside of business hours. Above all, we provide truthful answers to your legal questions, and we will always be honest with you about the direction of your case.